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Unit 4  Hartlebury Trading Estate Hartlebury Kidderminster   Worcestershire   DY10 4JB

Office: 01299 250 080   Facsimile: 01299 253 785

Acorn Arable Limited: specialist traders of grain and cereal, malting barley, milling wheats, linseed oil gh burt, acorn arable, arable crop services, arable farming, arable specialists, profitable farming, agricultural , grain marketing, grain, cereal , contract
Contact: Samantha Meredith E-Mail:
fbt and contract management partnership tax status maintenance, fully computerised accounts
Cereal Seed - Wheat, Barley, Oats, Triticale, Rye.
Oil Seeds - Oilseed Rape, Linseed.
Pulses - Field Beans, Combining Peas.
Herbage & Legumes - Ley Mixture, Straights.
Forage & Fodder - Maize, Beet, Stubble, Turnips, Etc.
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Can offer buy back contracts for naked oats, milling rye, milling oats,
milling wheats, biscuit wheats, malting barley.
On farm seed cleaning available
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Contact: Sam Meredith Tel: 01299 250 080 E-Mail: